Vaping Changed My Life

Vaping has changed my life for better. See, I am a chain smoker. My smoking is so severe that I could consume more than one pack in a day. I am so addicted that I can smoke anywhere at any time. I feel like I am naked, or I can’t be relaxed if I have nothing on my mouth.

My addiction is so severe that I am afraid that it will take a toll on my health. In fact, my health went downhill because of my addiction. I have smoker’s cough. I lost my sense of smell. My sense of taste went bland and whenever I insert myself physically, I get tired easily.

The health impact of my addiction did not just impact me but also my family. The secondhand smoke from my addiction is also affecting my wife and children. I need to have stop or at least find a healthier alternative to smoking.

A friend recommended me to go vaping and just ignore it because I have limited knowledge about it. And I realize what if I try it. So, what I did first was do an internet search and came across a site called The site was great, and it talked all about vaporizers.

It has all information about vaporizers, and it helped me a lot in choosing my first vaporizer, which was a volcano by the way. The article on this site about the volcano vaporizer convinced to buy this particular product.

When I got it, I was right away in love with it. It is just smoking but it was great. I am using it for years now. Not only that because I fell deeply for vaping that I bought another one, which was a herbalizer. My previous one and this current one has differences but, they are both good.

From that day till this day, vaping helped me stopped my smoking addiction and went to a healthier choice. I have to thank the vaping gods for this. LOL!